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More than enough water until rainy season, says Nakhon Ratchasima authority

The Provincial Waterworks Authority's Nakhon Ratchasima branch office on Saturday clarified that its three reservoirs were full of raw water for tap-water supplies to local residents, enough to last beyond the dry season into the rainy season.

Office manager Noppadol Phumkanpai led the media to inspect one of the reservoirs covering 600 rai on Saturday to dismiss a previous report that the raw water supply would last only up to 100 days, suggesting that the provincial governor would have to find other water sources to tackle the crisis.

Noppadol said such “twisted facts” had caused alarm to the local people and affected their lifestyle.

He said the three reservoirs, as of Friday, contained more than 3.12 million cubic metres and could supply tap water to people for 124 days while there were also a large amount of raw water in the Mul River to refill them.

In addition, the office had signed an agreement to get another three million cubic metres of raw water from the Khon Buri district’s Lam Sae Dam via a pipeline system if necessary.

The office supplied water to 28,0000 households in three tambons of Khok Sung, Jor Hor and Hua Tha-le in Chalerm Prakiat and Muang districts at 250,000 cubic metres a day.

In Phichit's Sam Ngam district, the Yom River section in Ban Rai Chado had nearly run dry, so the electricity pump station that supplied water to rice farmers on the western side of river had to suspend its operation throughout the drought s

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Re: More than enough water - Thailand struggles with drought - Err
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More than enough water until rainy season we are told  But ... Thailand struggles with drought nationwide
Which one is it  :uhm

Thailand struggles with drought nationwide, mass fish deaths

Thailand continues to contend with the dry season, as cloud-seeding operations alleviate water shortages in the Northeast.

The Northeastern Royal Rainmaking Operation Center has been conducting cloud-seeding flights out of Buriram airport to increase precipitation in five provinces including Nakhon Ratchasima, Buriram, Surin, Sisaket, and Chaiyaphum. Its 47 flights have resulted in minor to moderate rainfall in the five provinces, nourishing natural water sources and augmenting water stores for household consumption.

Meanwhile, the 12th Royal Irrigation Office reported that agricultural activities in the Chao Phraya River Basin have exceeded expectations. However, water reserves this year have been deemed sufficient for all types of usage, and the office plans to release more water for agricultural irrigation on May 1st.

In Kalasin province, farmers continued to send their crops to the local distribution center, to be sold in department stores across the province. Their crops include Chinese cabbage, spring onion, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, and chili peppers. The distribution center reportedly allows local farmers to earn a steady income.

Unfortunately, the hot weather has had dire consequences for aquaculture in the southern province of Songkhla. Local farmers have reported mass fish deaths, resulting in losses of 100,000 - 800,000 baht. They believe that high water temperatures followed by sudden rainfall were to blame. Farmers are encouraged to file for government assistance through the provincial offices of Fisheries, Livestock Development, or Agriculture and Cooperatives.

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Re: Summer storms add water to Korat dams
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Summer storms add water to Korat dams

Rain brought by summer storms has pushed the water levels in all five major dams in this northeastern province but the total volume is not yet enough for agriculture, according to an irrigation office.

Chidchanok Somprasert, director of the Nakhon Ratchasima-based 8th Irrigation Office, said since the beginning of this year, summer storms had brought rain to the province and added water to the five major dams.

Lam Takhong Dam is currently holding 72 million cubic metres, 23% of its capacity, or about the level seen at the same time last year.

However, the water levels in the remaining four dams are a little higher than last year's. Lam Phra Phloeng Dam now has 61 million cu/m, or 39% of its capacity; Moon Bon Dam 55 million cu/m (39%), Lam Sae Dam 77 million cu/m (28%) and Lam Plai Mat Dam 46 million cu/m (47%).

Mr Chidchanok said although most of the dams now have more water than they did last year, the volumes were not enough for farming.

Proper water management is still required, he said.

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