Author Topic: Flood risk in 9 provinces - The nine provinces are Nakhon Ratchasima........  (Read 921 times)

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Flood risk in 9 provinces

The Meteorological Department on Saturday warned people living in 9 provinces in the North, Northeast and the South to brace for heavy rain, possible flash floods and runoff as rains intensify.

full article: bangkokpost
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This was taken form from dash-cam this morning on the way to Sarasas school.  No one would go in the right lane because the water was too deep.  This is where having a 4 X 4 comes in handy.  Even a regular two wheel drive will suffice, if it has enough clearance.  Check out the poor chap in the Black, lowered, Mercedes.

Flooding near Sarasas Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand [nofollow]

P.S.  Why isn't the video embedding?  Also, why does it say no follow next to the link?

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great to have the man on the spot videos,thanks for sharing  :cheers

video embedding is the same with me :-[