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action against rumourmongers EARTHQUAKE SCARE
« on: April 20, 2012, 05:57:44 PM »

Phuket Governor takes action against rumourmongers

File photo : A road in Phuket is full of vehicles and people who ran out of buildings as quake hit the province on April 16.

PHUKET: -- Phuket Governor Tri Akaradecha on Friday ordered that a complaint be filed with police against persons spreading rumours that doomsday will arrive in Phuket by April 28.

The rumours have been spreading like wildfire ever since a quake rocked Phuket on Monday causing panic among many locals. Several aftershocks have followed, with a tremor of 3.2 magnitude felt at 2am on Friday.

"Messages are have posted on Facebook and leaflets distributed warning people to evacuate Phuket by April 28," Phuket's disaster prevention and mitigation chief Wiroj Suwanwong told police.

He filed the complaint at the Mueang Phuket Police Station on behalf of Tri.

"We want to see fast action against the individuals who are spreading the rumours," Wiroj said. "Such actions are punishable by both a fine and a jail term".

Tri said he was ready to give up his post if Phuket were to really disappear from the world by April 28.

"Please have confidence in the authorities. Rumours are just rumours. Aftershocks will continue for seven more days but they won't cause any big shaking," Tri said.

Tambon Si Sunthorn Municipality mayor Worawut Songyos meanwhile disclosed that the quakes had damaged more than 170 houses in his area.

"The number of complaints from people keeps rising," he said.
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Re: fourth and largest tremor today hit Phuket at 3:10pm
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 Villagers worry as aftershocks continue to rock Phuket

The earthquake monitoring center will monitor the situation closely. So there is nothing to worry about, said Mayor Worawut

PHUKET: -- The fourth and largest tremor of the day hit Phuket at 3:10pm today, a 3.3 magnitude tremor clearly felt across the island with a large sonic boom clearly heard at the offices of the Phuket Gazette, about eight kilometers southeast of the epicenter near the municipal market in Thalang.

Other tremors recorded by the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) earthquake monitoring station today are:
1:18pm: 1.9 Richter
9:57am: 2.6 Richter
2:34am: 3.2 Richter

Srisoonthorn Municipality sent out a “confidence building” team early this morning to calm local villagers following the 3.2 Richter event at 2.43am.

Srisoonthorn Mayor Worawut Songyot said while the quakes scared many people, others were just carrying on with life as normal.

“The aftershock [early this morning] scared many people, especially the elderly. However, the earthquake monitoring center will watch the situation closely. There is nothing to worry about,” said Mayor Worawut.

“Regardless, I will visit villagers with my team to cheer them up and see if any damage occurred from last night’s event,” he added.

Thalang District Chief Naruenart Supattaraprateep yesterday called community leaders and village headmen from all subdistricts to a meeting at Thalang District Office.
The main purpose was to inform community leaders how best help villagers affected by the 4.3 Richter scale earthquake on April 16, which had its epicenter at Baan Lipon and Bangkham Moo 2 Srisoonthorn, Thalang.

Chief Naruenart said the earthquake on April 16 was not just felt in all six Thalang subdistricts. It scared many people, but only caused minor damage to a few dwellings, he said.

Thalang District Office is accepting applications from residents whose houses were damaged and want assistance from Phuket Province to help cover the cost of repairs.

“So far residents from 104 homes in the Srisoonthorn area and 10 in Pa Khlok have registered. We are now inspecting other areas of Thalang, including our own office, which has developed quite a few cracks,” he added.

Chief Naruenart requested all 46 community leaders to inspect damages in their areas of responsibility and submit reports back to him today for submission to the Phuket Governor.

Homes with partial damage are eligible for 20,000 baht, while those completely destroyed can apply for 30,000 baht, he said.

“I have not yet received any reports of homes completely destroyed,” Chief Naruenart said.
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