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will find their potential and where their ability lies
« on: March 29, 2012, 01:19:49 PM »
American boarding schools offer a stepping stone to university

Boarding schools in the US can be a good answer for Thai students who are targetting a seat at a university in the country.

"If you want to study at the university level in the US, American boarding schools would be a good path towards that objective because Thai students will learn to feel comfortable in the American environment, mixing with American students," Michael J Honnold, cultural attache of the Media and Cultural Section at the US Embassy in Thailand, said in a recent interview with Nation Group publications.

"Up to 99 per cent of graduates at The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) in the US go on to universities there," Honnold said, adding that 44 per cent of alumni had achieved positions in top management.

"Thai students, who study at boarding schools in the US will find their potential and where their ability lies," he added.

He said that by studying at boarding schools, they will better learn the importance of managing time, and their lives, which will be helpful to them in future life.

Honnold said Thai students at American boarding schools were encouraged to question teachers, so they dared to do so when they had problems. They also learned creative thinking, being able to think critically, and thinking "out of the box".

Boarding school can be really useful for Thai students who want to work for international companies, as by staying in the US they will understand Western culture, he added.

According to Honnold, boarding-school students can be in a classroom for five or six hours a day after regular classes, engaging in many different activities with excellent facilities provided by the schools. Teachers and students live together in the same residence, so they are close, and teachers have more time to educate and instil good things in their students. Students can also go directly to teachers when they have problems.

The number of international students currently accounts for about 30 per cent of around 100,000 students at 292 College Prep Boarding Schools in the TABS membership, according to Annie Lundahl, TABS' director of marketing. Honnold said 240 of these students were Thai.

Lundahl said that more than 99 per cent of the students went on to graduate from universtiy.

The number of international students attending North American boarding schools has increased substantially over the last 10 years. China, South Korea, and Mexico are the top sending countries. Thailand ranks 9th.

On average, the ratio of teachers to students is one teacher per 10 students. The annual tuition, room and board averages US$41,000 per year. Prices range from $25,000 to $55,000 annually, according to Lundahl.

For those who are interested in attending a boarding school in the US, they can find more information at the annual Boarding Schools Fair, where students can complete inquiry forms for individual schools, and the schools will contact the student once back in North America. If a student is particularly interested in a school at the fair, and vice-versa, the admission officer might ask the student and family for a personal interview once the fair closes. This occurs quite often and is really the first step in the application process.

Last year TABS held a Boarding Schools Fair in Bangkok to promote American boarding schools. The fair has been organised four times in Bangkok and will take place again later this year.

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