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We have to reduce burdens on teachers
« on: August 22, 2018, 01:09:44 PM »
B3 billion push to free up teachers

Ministry backs schools to hire ancillary staff

The Education Ministry has set aside a budget of 3 billion baht to recruit administrative staff for state-run schools to free up teachers so they can concentrate on teaching.

Addressing a meeting of senior education officials in Chumphon, Education Minister Teerakiat Jareonsettasin said school teachers under the ministry's supervision will no longer have to do general chores starting from Oct 1.

The Office of Basic Education Commission (Obec) is authorised to spend 3 billion baht to outsource people to handle administrative work for schools across the country, he said.

"We have to reduce burdens on teachers. Starting on Oct 1, teachers won't have to do administrative work.

Dr Teerakiat was speaking at a meeting of senior education officials in the southern province of Chumphon which this week hosted a mobile cabinet meeting.

The move also forms part of the ministry's efforts to improve the work environment and boost the quality of living for teachers, which includes building new accommodation and repairing existing buildings.

Obec will have to amend the regulations involving accommodation for teachers to better meet their needs, he added.

According to Dr Teerakiat, Obec is also expected to scale down or even scrap projects or activities deemed unnecessary so there will be funds left to implement other development schemes.

As for the procurement projects, large schools are allowed to carry them out while small schools are advised to have the Office of Educational Service Area handle procurement.

He said the ministry has come under fire over the efficiency of its education management, but things are improving despite budget cuts.

The ministry has, for example, introduced a new training programme for teaching personnel nationwide. It has helped bring down training costs substantially, from 9 billion baht spent on the previous scheme to only 2 billion baht.

Also, he said the schools and teachers will not have to fight with the Obec now that a new evaluation system is in place.

Under the new system, schools are responsible for their own academic quality and performance and the Office of Nation Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Onesqa) will conduct external quality evaluations and make suggestions where needed.

Dr Teerakiat also urged teachers to help defend the government's policies to push up educational standards and projects to enhance the livelihoods of teachers. The minister expressed concern such policies and projects might be in danger of being discontinued after a change of government.

He said it was up to the ministry's personnel to stand up for initiatives that are worthy of being maintained.

"I am not wooing votes but I'm concerned about politicians undoing the policies.

"So if politicians try to make changes, please try to raise an objection because our intention is to make teachers' lives better," the minister said.
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