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The Cabinet approves Thai-German treaty on vocational education development

BANGKOK, 17 May 2013 (NNT) –
The cabinet has approved a cooperation treaty on vocational education development between Thailand and Germany aimed at bringing excellence to the Thai education.

Mr. Tosaporn Sererak, spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office announced the outcomes of the cabinet meeting, saying the ministerial council has approved a treaty in which the Ministry of Education of Thailand and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs will cooperate to further develop a stronger educational system for Thailand.

The reputable German vocational education system will be used as a model to build inspiration for the Thai vocational education system. Private companies, mainly German, will work with the Office of Vocational Education Commission to review and design courses for selected vocational schools in Thailand.

Vocational students will have a balanced opportunity to study while gaining work experience from participating companies under contracts covering remuneration and scholarships during the internship program.

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