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Teacher Selling Meth To Students
« on: February 10, 2012, 11:12:07 AM »
             Udonthani Cops Catch Parent & Teacher Selling Meth To Students

A teacher selling drugs to students was arrested by Udonthani police while he was doing meth with a parent. He confessed that he had sold it to students and a parent

Udonthani, February 8, 2012 [PDN]; Pol.Col. Kowit Charernvattanasak Udonthani police arrested Mr.Chairat Pewchaiyapoom, age 32, teacher of a school in Udonthani municipality, Miss “Meao”, age 31, Mr. Chestha Pimproma, age 37, Mr. Sittichai Srisuvan, age 20, Mr.”Tong” and Mr. “Doe” age 16 and 17 years old in posession of 54 methampetamine pills.

On February 7, the police arrested Mr.Chestha, Mr.Sittichi, Mr. “Tong” and Mr. “Doe” while they were doing meth at a deserted house in Na-ang village,Udonthani. Upon interrogation the suspects said that they had bought the methamphetamine pills from Mr. Chairat Pewchaiyapoom, a teacher in Udonthani. The police arrested him at a house in Muangthongthani village while he and Ms.” Meao”, the owner of the house were doing drugs. Upon searching the house the police found 10 methaphetamine pills which were kept as evidence.

Later the teacher said, that he had been a government officer for 6 years. Currently he was a history teacher and he had been selling meth to students inside and outside the campus.

Recently he began to take drugs himself and the house he was arrested in belonged to one the parent a student he was tutoring privately. After he had finished his private history tuition he would stay do drugs and play cards with Ms. “Meaw”

Miss “Meao” reported to the police that she and Mr. Chairat were drug addicts not drug dealers. The meth in the house was for her personal use. She had bought it in a set of 10 pills for 2,500 THB. She and the teacher knew each other because she had hired him to teach private lessons to her son who was studying in grade 9. After she found out he liked do meth, she bought meth for him in exchange for the private classes and began taking it herself. They both became addicted.

Prapan Polpangkwa, the director of Udonthani education council said, he commanded to expel Chairat from being a government officer from February 8 onwards. This case will be presented to Mr. Ittipon Treevattanasuvan, the Mayor of Udonthani for consideration
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