Author Topic: Sixth Grader Returns Fifty-thousand Baht to Owner VIDEO  (Read 676 times)

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Sixth Grader Returns Fifty-thousand Baht to Owner VIDEO
« on: January 07, 2012, 12:45:37 AM »
On Wednesday morning at Chonburi’s Police Station, Master Prapan Nui-wang-tong, age 12, a student in Grade 6 of Wat Gaam-paeng School, brought 55,250 Baht to the station. The monies were found to belong to a registered nurse at Chonburi Provincial Hospital, Mrs. Taworn Tong-pra-goeb, who lost the money in The Forum Plaza Mall, in Chonburi.
This money was for the salaries of all the nurse trainees, but Mrs. Taworn lost the cash a day before, while shopping.
Master Prapan stated that he lives with his old grandmother in a small house, on less than 10,000 Baht per month, and has to help his granny by selling snacks every day.
On Thursday, while he was selling food in the area of the mall, he found a bag, and when he opened it, he discovered a large amount of  money. His granny insisted the return the money to the owner by reporting to the police.
 Sterling Sixth Grader Returns Fifty-thousand Baht to Owner.wmv
The Chonburi police, by the Deputy Commander Pol. Col. Pisit Proey-rung-roet witnessed the returning of the money, and a trophy is being arranged to reward Master Prapan for his outstanding honesty. In addition, the very grateful Mrs. Taworn gave her personal money of 7,000 Baht to the boy, to congratulate and thank him for his integrity.
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