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School goes digital with student cards
« on: July 17, 2014, 11:43:39 AM »
PATHUM THANI — The Pathum Thani Provincial Administration Organization (PAO) has issued an electronic identification card for students, which allows the school to send SMS text automatically to their parents if they skip class.

A student scans her card at the demonstration at Samkhok School in Pathum Thani on Jul 16, 2014. - PONGPAT WONGYALA

A demonstration was held today to show how the ID card worked at Samkhok School in Sam Khok district.

A budget of 1 million baht was used to issue the card to all 3,500 students at the school, according to Charn Puangphet, chairman of the PAO.

The card, which contains information of each student, is used to record class attendance.

The students scan their cards when they enter the school at the six scanners supervised by one teacher each to prevent them from scanning cards for their friends.

Any student who fails to scan his card between 6.30-8.20am and 3.45-5.30pm, the control centre will send an SMS message to his parent's mobile phone automatically.

Parents can also check the whereabouts of their children any time by going to

By scanning the card, the students will be credited with 100 marks for good behaviour. If they are never late or absent, or when they do some good deeds, the marks will increase and the school will grant them certificates if they reach 200-300.

Those who are late or absent, or skip class, will see their marks cut. The marks below 100 means they will not pass to the next grade.

"What we expect to get from the ID card is for the students to be more responsible, prompt and improve their behaviours. It also allows parents to be able to monitor their children more closely," Samnao Saengkaew, the school's director, said.   

The school, which teaches grades 1-6 and is run by the PAO, has been keen to improve its quality over the years, being among the first to have a natural classroom system and a high-technology library.

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