Author Topic: Reason to celebrate: Thailand ranks 41 in university ranking  (Read 494 times)

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Thailand ranks 41 in university ranking

Thailand is in 41st place in a recent ranking of universities in 48 countries.

While Thailand is ahead of seven other countries, including India and Indonesia, it lags behind China and Malaysia when it comes to the quality of higher education. China is at No 39 while Malaysia is in 36th place.

The rankings are by the Universitas 21 network or research universities and were compiled by researchers at the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research at the University of Melbourne. They looked at the most recent data from 48 countries and territories, taking into account 20 measurements, including investment by government and the private sector.

It's the first time the UK-based Universitas 21 has compiled the rankings.

The top five countries are, in order, the US, Sweden, Canada, Finland and Denmark.

Of Asian countries, Singapore is the highest ranked at No 11. Hong Kong is 18th, Japan is 20th, Taiwan is 21st and South Korea is 22nd.

Overall, the US is the best provider of quality higher education. However, when broken down into the smaller sections, the US falls behind, especially in government funding of higher education as a percentage of GDP, which is highest in Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Private-sector funding of higher education is greatest in the US, South Korea, Canada and Chile.

Other findings showed that investment in research and development is highest in Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. The US dominates in terms of total output of research journal articles, but when viewed as a percentage of articles per capita, Sweden is at the top of the ranking.

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