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PE Teacher Deals Drugs
« on: February 20, 2012, 05:04:50 PM »
A physical education teacher in Chaiyaphum Province has been arrested for dealing methamphetamine to students at Baan Koh Krung School. The teacher confessed he started dealing drugs to make extra money, saying his teacher salary wasn't enough to live on.

Residents and parents in Chaiyaphum alerted the police about a shocking crime. They were outraged at a physical education teacher at Baan Koh Krung School in Koh Krung District. The parents claimed the teacher, identified as Udompan Hormchant, was dealing drugs to the students at the school and teens living in the area.

The 47-year old PE teacher was tracked down and arrested by the Chaiyaphum Police on Sunday. The police found him at his girlfriend's house in Kaeng Kro District. Upon his arrest, Udompan visibly paled when the police had requested a search of his person. The police found 90 methamphetamine pills in his bag, hidden inside a drink straw. Together with the drugs, the police also found other drug paraphernalia, a gun, 3 bank books and 2 mobile phones.

According to the police's preliminary interrogation report, Udompan had confessed to dealing drugs. He explained to the police that he turned to dealing drugs to his students to make extra money since his teacher salary wasn't enough. He told the police that he bought the drugs from a neighboring country at the price of 100 baht per pill. The meth is then sold to his students for 400-600 baht each.

Udompan's girlfriend, Patcharaporn Pachongla, 25 years old, was also arrested when she tested positive for drugs.
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