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Over a hundred foreign teachers gather at a workshop to improve their teaching skills

NONG KHAI, 30 July 2015 (NNT) - A workshop to improve the quality of foreign teachers in Thailand is held in the northeastern province of Nong Khai on Thursday, as part of the project to develop the country as ‘education hub’ in the region.

115 foreign teachers have enrolled in the three-day workshop which will end on August 1st. They are teaching science, maths and English language in fourteen schools nationwide.

The workshop was opened by Deputy Governor of Nong Khai Anothai Thammakun and is conducted at Pathumthep Witthayakhan School. The program has been assisted by several guest speakers from Thammasat University and the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST).


Right, they should teach those first, and not expect them to be skilled teaching English, just because native speakers are supposed to know their own language!
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Guest speakers from Thammasat University assisting?  Does this imply Thais teaching foreign teachers how to teach English?  I agree with your point JF, but shouldn't the workshop also be directed mainly to the Thai teachers teaching these subjects in English?  They have it backwards, although in the photos I do see what appears to be some Thai teachers at this workshop. 

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I wrote in another thread already, that the going into effect of the AEC on Jan 1, 2016, created some kind of last minute panic. Thai officials have become aware that English skills are necessary to gain the role they want to play there. So they figured out how to make up for this deficiency fast. The wrong thinking is that native speakers could teach them faster, put the skill into their heads in just a few hours. The government obviously allocated funds for English teaching by foreigners. I had the experience with a group of people at the Tambon administration. But I had to find out that it is about impossible to point out all the grammar differences between Thai thinking  and English communication. For that one needs to be prepared especially. When I'm supposed to cram conversation with them, I can't afford to stumble over small problems like possessive articles, pronouns etc. all the time. For example it's ridiculous, if one wants to find out your name by asking "What is my name?", not understanding the function of possessive article or pronoun and indicating perspectives. That he should have been taught by a Thai teacher at the beginnings. Students making mistakes like that after four years of college and with a Bachelor's degree can make you feel like you're up against a wall. cramming phrases is no fun! But qualified Thai educators might be able to advise how to fill those gaps without starting all over again.
No matter how tall the mountain is, it cannot block the sun. - Chinese Proverb