Author Topic: NRC's reform proposals call for major overhaul of country's education sector  (Read 758 times)

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NRC's reform proposals call for major overhaul of country's education sector

BIG changes to the country's educational sector are now in the pipeline, after the National Reform Council (NRC) yesterday submitted its proposals to the government.
Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha officially accepted the NRC proposals, which also cover national educational reform.

"If the government fully implements our proposed educational reform, the country will get efficient human resources," NRC member Associate Professor Prapapat Niyom said.

The plan calls for the overhaul of the educational-service system, the education fiscal system (through a demand-based approach), as well as the "learning system".

The overhaul of the educational-service system will focus on decentralisation, with the power to arrange educational services going down to provincial and local levels.

It will also prescribe the establishment of citizens' networks in all areas so that they serve as a checks-and-balance mechanism to monitor the governance of educational-service provision at all levels.

The overhaul of the educational fiscal system will focus on direct allocation of budget to students and educational institutes. The new system will seek to provide educational security in the manner health security is now provided to Thais.

The overhaul of the learning system, meanwhile, sets its sights on encouraging everyone to learn from real-life situations to ensure |that learning is relevant to people's lives.

Board to evaluate results........

full article: The nation
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