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Fluency in English necessary for AEC
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Fluency in English necessary for AEC

BANGKOK: -- Thai universities and other education institutions should start boosting their students' English-language skills in preparation for the 2015 Asean Economic Community because English will become the most common language in the region, Nation University executives said yesterday.

In a lecture at the university's Lampang campus, rector Pong-in Rakariyatham said at least 20 per cent of the subjects will be taught in English and all students will have to pass a proficiency test in the language in order to graduate.

Suthichai Yoon, chairman of the Nation Multimedia Group, said Nation University would play a key role in helping bridge the gap among Thai educational institutions. An online classroom will also be set up in order to help students share data and experience, he said.

Thepchai Yong, director of Asean TV, said the university's Lampang campus was an added strength because it can help connect the North with neighbouring countries.

The Nation
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