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Cheating in School: Is it the Norm in Thailand?
« on: January 24, 2018, 03:21:46 PM »
Cheating in School: Is it the Norm in Thailand?

In short … YES!

Cheating in school seems not only omni-present, but also quite accepted. Perhaps even expected.
This morning I read an article in The Nation about allegations that an O-NET observer was ordered by executives to hint answers to students.

My instant and sarcastic response was “Cheating in School in Thailand? Really???”

If you have taught at any grade level in Thailand, you know that cheating is as much part of the school system as the national anthem during assembly each morning. Sadly so.

Why Is Cheating in School a Problem?

There is a victim when students cheat in school but it isn’t the school or the test administrator. The real victim is the cheating student, because it will ultimately put them at a disadvantage.

Cheating is Unfair to the Cheater

Why do we attend school in the first place? Is it to learn things we need to live a fulfilling life…or is it to learn how to cheat? The answer is obvious, yet by accepting cheating systematically, schools are sending the signal that cheating is okay. Students will thus put more effort into learning how to cheat than learning the things that are later useful in their lives.

Cheating is Unfair to Other Students

Some students are more interested in a subject or they put in more effort studying a subject. Those are the students that usually excel without the need to cheat. When cheating is accepted, it diminishes the accomplishments of those students. They won’t get an opportunity to shine and ultimately may give up their efforts because they view them as exercises in futility.

Cheating Leads to Uncertainty

When students accomplish something on their own, they feel proud. They have certainty that they have learned a subject well. Students who cheat will know that they haven’t even come close to mastering a subject. They can’t be proud and end up feeling uncertain about their skills and knowledge.

Can You Do Anything About Cheating in School?

In your home country, the answer might be relatively simple. But not in Thailand, because cheating is so prevalent. It’s accepted. It’s expected.

It is said that you cannot change a system from the outside. Unfortunately, as a foreign teacher you are on the outside at most schools. Sorry! So should you just lean back, get over your culture shock when it comes to cheating, and ignore it? Although it is tempting, resist the urge to give in too quickly.

Realize that Thailand, and its school system, is changing. Perhaps slower than you would like but there has been subtle progress in just the last few years. I’m optimistic that this change will be accelerated. I’m also convinced that we can foster this change, even as outsiders.

Last year the following image went viral on Facebook and other social networks. It makes me hopeful, because apparently these anti-cheating hats were not mandated by their teacher. Students at Kasetsart University came up with the idea during a discussion about ethics. Although the school felt embarrassed by the photo going viral and has stopped using this method, it proves that some students realize that cheating in school is a problem.

What CAN You Do About Cheating in School?

I have found a number of change-agents in every school I have been to. Some of them are young teachers who haven’t been indoctrinated into the system too much. Even though they are still outsiders themselves, they will at one point become part of the system (and hopefully be able to hold on to their ideals). Some of them are seasoned teachers who know that change isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Talk with those key players. Use the ever increasing global competition in your discussion and how Thais will compare if they mostly learned cheating in school, rather than skills and knowledge. With the ASEAN Economic Community approaching fast, an increasing number of people in Thailand realize that actually acquiring skills and knowledge (as opposed to good grades) is becoming more important than ever.

Also appeal to your students, not a few days before the midterm or final exams, but at the very beginning of and throughout the semester. Make them aware that cheating is only hurting them.

Depending on the level of your students, you might even create an entire lesson plan around the subject of cheating in school. You could use the above photo of the students at Kasetsart University for a writing class or a discussion about the subject of cheating in school. You may not get through to all of your students, but if you just get through to one or two, you have helped move the needle in the right direction.
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Re: Cheating in School: Is it the Norm in Thailand?
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2018, 06:59:49 PM »
Firstly i'm not a F.O.H. brigade person, now when you go for a driving licence everybody gets one, most things like that is the way it is here, jump through a few hoops bingo you have passed. Thailand does not like to fail people, it's not there nature. don't try and change things as it won't happen,you only upset yourself,take things the way they are and if the job is getting you down you can always go back home and teach.

too many farangs come here and waffle on about the system and everything is done the wrong way,then you form a little group like old ladies, oh i think it's disgusting. but if cheating works for you,then it's not spoke about.

everything is so terrible here and like what was posted, you then run off for another ext of stay for a country you keep moaning about :uhm
ignorance does not help your post one bit but it probably says an awful lot about you.

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Re: Cheating in School: Is it the Norm in Thailand?
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2018, 07:25:06 PM »
I remember a class at 3rd yr college level. The test was so simple, that it was about impossible to fail. Of course they still tried to cheat. When I had graded the test and talked about it to them, I didn't accuse anybody of cheating, just asking questions about how they could get identical results in a test that mainly required creativity and individual experiences. They got themselves into corners badly with their arguments. Finally I was able to get the cheaters to stand up and admit the cheating. Getting them to stand up on their own volition and admit that they cheated, was a drama! But it was obvious that they felt relieved. Next test they didn't try anymore. ;)

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Re: Cheating in School: Bad Genius
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2018, 08:53:41 PM »
if your not pressured into studying hard to get good grades, you might never feel the need to cheat :spin

full movie here:

Bad Genius 2017 | Thai Movie | Highlights
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