Author Topic: “Boy” & Girl Students Quarrel – Girl’s Dad Roughs Up “Boy”  (Read 738 times)

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Two primary school students had a quarrel, the father of the girl student got angry, climbed the wall of the school and pulled the shirt of the boy student, threatened him and forced him to prostrate at his daughter’s feet.

PATTAYA – June 13, 2012 [PDN]; Pattaya police, was notified by Mr. Samruay Boonkoom and Mrs. Weerawan Rakkwamsuk, the parents of the male student called “Boy” aged 7, primary school student at Nongkatenoy school. “Boy” was allegedly harmed by Mr. Surin Kodnadee, the father of girl Noy because “Boy” had quarrelled with his daughter.

Upon asking “Boy” who said that on June 5 in the class room one of his friends threw a paper plane which landed girl Noy’s head.

She got upset and tore the paper plane with anger.

Moments later “Boy” asked her why she tore the paper plane. “Boy’s” friends had no intention to harm her. Thereafter girl Noy and “Boy” started quarrelling and girl Noy cried and ran to tell her father, Mr. Surin.

Mr. Surin climbed across the the wall of the school building, entered the classroom and grabbed “Boy’s” shirt, swung him in the air and stabbed with a thorny branch until “Boy’s” neck was injured. He threatened him not to harm girl Noy again and forced him to prostrate at girl Noy’s feet thereafter Mr. Surin took his daughter and left the school.

After the incident “Boy” told his grandfather and grandmother what happened. The grandparents brought him to notify at the Banglamung, Pattaya police station.

The police invited Mr. Surin, the father of girl Noy for questioning and to negotiate a compromise. The problem was only a quarrel between school children which school should have been able to manage.

The police blamed Mr. Surin that an adult should not hurt a child. This kind of behaviour is totally inappropriate.
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What about when teachers beat their students?