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Bomb Threat at Mareewit School VIDEO
« on: February 22, 2012, 07:31:00 PM »
A press conference was held by the Chonburi Police Commander Pol. Maj. Gen. Jamnong Ratanagoon, in companied by Borwin Police Superintendent Pol. Col. Somkid Sinbuatong and the Investigating and Suppressing Team  of Borwin Police Station to publicize the arrest of the person who threatened to bomb the Mareewit Borwin Private School on February 8th , a Mr. Mana Gampra, aged 29 a local resident.
On February 8th, a teacher received a phone call, saying that there was a bomb in the school which was ready to explode. The teacher was also given a mobile phone number to call, in case the teacher did not believe the threat.
The police were contacted and all the students were evacuated. A bomb squad was dispatched to the school, and the officers examined the entire facility. No suspicious items were found and there was no explosion, to everyone’s relief.
The police traced the mobile phone number and managed to arrest Mr. Mana.  He confessed to threatening the school, because he became very angry after a group of students yelled at him as he was driving his motorcycle past the school. So, feeling vengeful, he foolishly called information for the school’s number, and made the menacing call from his own mobile phone. Off he went, to be prosecuted.
Bomb Threat at Mareewit School.wmv
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