Author Topic: 15 year old girl sexually assaulted twice  (Read 609 times)

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15 year old girl sexually assaulted twice
« on: January 21, 2012, 04:40:42 PM »
A 15 year old girl was sexually assaulted twice by a man who she claimed looked like the father of one of her friends. The assault took place on Saturday Afternoon in a field located inside Soi Kao Noi and began when she was approached by the man while she was waiting for a motorbike taxi opposite Soi Kao Noi and close to Tesco-Lotus in Jomtien. The suspect approached on his bike and suggested she jump on the back of the bike so he could take her to her friend’s house where they planned to do homework together. She accepted the invitation and was sure the man was the father of another of her friends. The pair went inside Soi Kao Noi but the driver failed to stop at her friend’s house and went further inside to a field where he is alleged to have sexually assaulted her twice. He then took her to the front of the village where she intended to go in the first place and threatened her not to tell anyone what had happened otherwise he would kill her. Police are aware of the license plate number of the motorbike but have since been told by the girl, the man is not who she first thought he was. The investigation continues.
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