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'Good deeds' passports for students
« on: July 22, 2014, 03:40:01 PM »
Education project to foster ethical living

The Education Ministry aims to issue "good deeds" passports for students at all levels in an attempt to foster goodness and ethics among Thai youths, according to permanent secretary Suthasri Wongsamarn.

Students take part in a ceremony promising they will not be cheaters when they are adults, in Bangkok in June 2014. (Bangkok Post photo)

The good deed passports may be used as additional criteria for students to get seats in public universities or lower educational levels of Matthayom 1 and 4.

Ms Suthasri said the ministry agreed to the issuing of these booklets to all students in schools under the Office of the Basic Education Commission, Office of the Private Education Commission, Office of the Higher Education Commission, Office of Vocational Education Commission and Office of Non-formal and Informal Education.

Students will be asked to write what good deed they have done in the passport each day and have it signed by school directors.

She said the the higher education commission was asked to consider the good deed passport as a criterion for entrance to university. This will be discussed further at the Council of University Presidents of Thailand.  There will also be more discussions on whether the good deed passport will be used for acceptance of new students from Matthayom 1 to 4 (Grade 7 to 10).

“The basic education commission earlier implemented a similar project, the “Nakhon Pathom model”, under which students who earned renown for good deeds have the right to continue their education in university. Similar passport have also been applied for boy scout study too,” said Ms Suthasri.

The Nakhon Pathom model is a cooperation between Kasetsart Univerity’s Kamphaeng Sean Campus and the education office region 1, to allocate seats for students based on their ethical behaviour and social contribution activities.

She said the ministry would seriously implement the project and expand the coverage to match the policy of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) on fostering ethics among Thai people.

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