Author Topic: Thailand the world’s best country to start a business  (Read 1227 times)

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So Thailand takes lead as the world’s best country to start a business, the second year in a row out of a total of 80 countries according to But before all you expats run off to make your fortune in a new venture, have a read of the, Foreign Business Act of 1999 and Activities Restricted to Thai Nationals. Thai law regulates the activities in which the companies designated as “foreigner” may engage in.

No. 1: Thailand                                            

Starting a business in Thailand takes about 26 days and costs 6.6 percent of the average income per capita, according to the World Bank. New business density is one of the lowest in the region, leaving room for hopeful entrepreneurs. Though ranked as the second most affordable country to business decision makers, companies that are not majority Thai owned are subject to the Foreign Business Act, under which many endeavors that could attract entrepreneurs to Thailand are restricted, including rice manufacturing and tourism.
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