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New minimum wages from 340-550 baht per day
« on: August 08, 2016, 12:59:59 PM »
New minimum wages from 340-550 baht per day to become effective August 10

 The Labour Ministry has called for cooperation from businesses and industrial operators to pay new wages to skill labour as the new minimum wages for skill labour are to become effective from August 10.

The new wages for skill labour apply with 20 types of jobs in five industrial groups, with minimum wage of some job going up to 550 baht per day.

Labour Ministry’s permanent secretary Puntri Smiti said that the ministry earlier proposed the new minimum wage for skill labour in 20 types of  jobs  in five industries for cabinet approval in March and was approved on March 14.

The new minimum wages will be in force on August 10.

The new minimum wage for 20 types of jobs were in addition to its earlier announced 35 types of jobs.

The increasing of minimum wages was aimed to emphasize the standards of skill labour and encourage the improvement of skill labour to correspond the higher wages.

Besides it was also an important strategy to indirectly encourage workers to develop their skills.

The new wage rates for additional 20 types of jobs  are under five industrial groups.

Minimum wage workers in the electricity and electronics group is ranging from 360 baht to 460 baht per day.

Wage for the auto and auto parts group is ranging from 400-480 baht.

The jewelry group is ranging from 420-550 baht and the logistics group is ranging from 340-550 baht.

She said the  new wage rates would be enforced on August 10.

But she said workers must have to  pass the national labour skill standard test of their jobs to get the new wage rates.

She revealed that so far over 70,000 workers from 55 types of jobs  have passed the tests.

She asked for cooperation from employers to pay their employees not less than the rate announced by the ministry.
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