Author Topic: Post office demands waiver for parcel damages ♦ video  (Read 1082 times)

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Post office demands waiver for parcel damages ♦ video
« on: June 25, 2014, 05:57:04 PM »
Thailand Post Co is making customers sign a waiver agreeing not to claim damages for parcels in transit in the mail system, or it will not accept the boxes.

A package with a stamp saying that sender will not claim for damage. (Image from Facebook of Parnuwat London).

Thailand Post’s deputy managing director Suchada Phutaraksa said that with increasing numbers of parcels being mailed, there was a greater possibility of damage. The company has taken steps to "ensure mutual understanding with senders" of the parcels dropped off for mailing.

For example, she said, poorly wrapped parcels, where clerks could hear noise when they shook the box, might become damaged in transit. Many parcels given to the post office were in lightweight boxes, some of which even had been damaged before purchasing stamps.

The existence of a formal waiver, however, was made known in a Facebook post by "Parnuwat London", who uploaded an image of his parcel with a prepared post office stamp which said, "The sender agrees not to claim any damages caused in any manner as the packaging does not match Thailand Post’s criteria.”

The sender had to sign on that package before Thailand Post would accept it.

Mr Parnuwat wrote on his Facebook post that he found himself “tied by the hands” and forced to accept the post office's condition.

But he said he doubted any package, no matter how securely boxed and wrapped, could be guaranteed to survive in transit. He claimed post office staff "usually throw, hurl or kick the parcels during the sorting process".

Mr Parnuwat also questioned if contents are damaged, how it could be shown whether it was because of improper packaging or the behaviour of postal workers.

He wrote that Thailand Post has failed to solve problem at the origin, meaning the behaviour of staff handling the parcels. He suggested senders should carefully prepare a package and photograph at the time it is handed over to postal officials, so they could be witnesses in case of damage.

Thailand Post was subjected to criticism recently after a YouTube user published a clip showing workers throwing packages during the sorting process. The issue was picked up by several websites, where users voiced complaints about post office service.

Ms Suchada said the post official will ask senders to repack parcels in some cases. But if they insisted on sending parcels after being warned, then a worker will stamp it as  in that condition, the official will put the stamp as described by "Parnuwat London", and ask senders to sign the waiver.

Some branches of Thailand Post has also put up a sign saying that it will not accept packages with "impolite messages" about post office service written on the outside. The issue has caught public attention, with numerous complaints in internet forums and other media about this policy. Some posters claimed they were post office customters abused or subjected to inappropriate behaviour by post office workers.

A clip uploaded by Khon Kaen Weding studio shows post officials throwing parcels.

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Re: Post office demands waiver for parcel damages ♦ video
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2014, 01:32:56 PM »
Watched the video clip and that looks about like standard processing, least that's how we did it in the USA.  If your parcel won't stand that much "handling" I'd suggest re-packing it.