Author Topic: Poll shows most people admit they don’t earn enough to cover expenses  (Read 899 times)

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Over half of the people polled recently admitted that their incomes were not enough to cover their expenses

Bangkok Poll of the research centre of Bangkok University conducted a random survey of 1,143 respondents which showed that 58.4 percent of them admitting that they did not earn enough incomes to cover the expenses whereas 41.6 percent said that their incomes were on par with their expenses.

71.1 percent of the respondents admitted that they have become more cautious in their spending while 20.9 percent maintained that they spent as much as they used to.  7.8 percent admitted that they spent sparingly and tried to save.

The poll also showed that 70 percent of them admitted that the prices of consumer products remain unchanged despite the substantial drop in oil prices whereas 15 percent said they felt the prices have gone up.

36.3 percent of the respondents wanted the government to look into the prices of fresh foods such as vegetables, pork, chicken and duck meat and mushrooms followed by 23.9 percent for soap, detergent and toothpastes.
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