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Future Park reveals progress on ‘Future City’
« on: September 19, 2018, 11:16:59 AM »
Future Park Rangsit Oct 1, 2016  one of Asia's biggest shopping malls

Future Park reveals progress on ‘Future City’

Future Park recently revealed its progress on Future City together with its long-term marketing plans for the fourth quarter.

Ratana Anantanupong, marketing director of Rangsit Plaza Co Ltd, explained that the Future City would cover 650 rai (104 hectares) and become a “Centre of Premium Lifestyle and Activity in northern Bangkok”.

The project includes a furniture mall, home decor centre, sports complex, a branch of Paolo Hospital and hotels. The Bt100-billion project is open for investment.

So far, a sports hub has been completed. It covers 20 rai and comprises a football-futsal field, badminton court and badminton academy, a clubhouse and restaurants as well as parking space for up to 300 cars.

The “city” would be perfect for tourists and businesspeople heading for the North or Southeast of Thailand. As Rangsit is close to Don Mueang Airport, Future Park is also planning to build two hotels, one of which will be a four-star property covering an area of 9 rai.

The four-star hotel will be 11 storeys tall, have 227 rooms, meeting and seminar rooms, swimming pool and 151 parking lots; while the economy two-star version will be 7 storeys high, have 79 rooms and parking for 35 vehicles. Both hotels are due to open at the end of 2020.

As for the other aspects of Future City, the company is currently in negotiations with several business allies.