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PATHUM THANI — Soldiers have found 91,000 sacks of rice worth 69 million baht missing from a warehouse in Pathum Thani.

The 2nd Infantry Regiment the King's Own Bodyguard raided the warehouse of Phoenix Agritech (Thailand) Co Ltd after being tipped that rice had been moved from the site.

The warehouse was supposed to contain 130,000 sacks of rice but contained only 39,000. The rice in the warehouse was broken rice and 5% white rice and some had been damaged by insects.

They also found scaffolds in place of the missing sacks to prop up the sacks in the front rows so that the warehouse appeared full.

The rice was under the supervision of the Marketing Organisation for Farmers, for which Phoenix was serving as a contractor.

Previously, 10,000 sacks of rice had been reported missing on July 9 and Nov 12, 2013.

The rice came from the 2012-13 pledging programme. Soldiers will check whether the rice in the warehouse is the same as what was pledged.

In the meantime, they have assigned their men to guard the warehouse and will file a compliant with the police later.

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Re: Bad rice and loss of stock discovered
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Decaying rice, loss of stock and disorderly stacking of sacks has been found at several government and private warehouses in military-supervised inspections of rice.

Officials and soldiers inspect a warehouse containing a stock of government rice in Phichit province yesterday. While the inspection confirmed the quantity reported, doubts still linger about the quality of some of the rice. Rumours have spread that lower

This was in line with a nationwide investigation into corruption in the rice-pledging scheme initiated by the Yingluck Shinawatra government, PM's Office permanent secretary ML Panadda Diskul said yesterday.

Officials found involved in stock going missing or other wrongdoing would face immediate transfer and serious disciplinary probes, after checks by more than 100 teams of government and military-appointed inspectors are done in a month's time, Office of Public Sector Anti-corruption Commission secretary-general Prayong Preeyajit said.

Panadda said scientific checks such as DNA tests of the entire rice stock - millions of tonnes - would also be conducted, but these may take until September before a complete set of evidence is revealed against any wrongdoers.

Warehouse bosses 'accountable'

The amount of rice in good quality and where it is stored would be reported to the Commerce Ministry for future sale to interested buyers.

"The warehouses with decaying rice or loss of stock will be held responsible," said Panadda, who is overseeing the overall military-supervised inspection effort.

In Sukhothai, inspections were conducted at two warehouses where a large number of irregularities were found, before inspections at other warehouses were called off so that inspectors could be better prepared.

Disorderly stacking of rice sacks had been found, which was not common. Actual running numbers of sacks were inaccurate and different from those indicated in official lists, according to civilian and military officials in neighbouring Phitsanulok who conducted the inspections.

There are 15 rice warehouses in Sukhothai, containing 2,542,010 sacks, or 2,542 tonnes. The inspectors expect to complete the count by July 25, and another month to determine and report the quality of seeds.

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Re: More rice missing from storage
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The rice inspection follows the junta's order two weeks ago to close all granaries nationwide in a bid to check the size and quality of the stockpiles.

MILITARY OFFICIALS yesterday continued to inspect state rice stockpiles stored in provincial granaries and again found evidence that large quantities were missing or in poor condition.

Granaries at Pathum Thani province were among several facing closer checks.

"After finding 90,000 sacks of missing rice at [Pathum Thani] granaries, I have ordered officials to investigate more thoroughly into reasons for the missing rice today," said Deputy National Police Chief Pol General Ake Angsananont.

In Phitchit, officials, after inspecting three rice granaries, found more than 200,000 sacks of rice (or 20,000 tonnes) could not be accounted for. A sack contains 100 kilograms of rice.

Inspection of granaries at Sirichai Intertrade found only 13,123 sacks of 5 per cent broken white rice in storage, compared to 214,196 sacks listed. However, some rice stored at the granaries had been marked for delivery to buyers and the stocks were closed to inspectors. Another check on granaries belonging to KTB Agro found records for 13,986 tonnes of 5 per cent broken white rice from the season crop of 2013/14 stored under the rice-pledging scheme. But inspectors could find only 8,928 tonnes, most of them broken rice.

More inspections

A third granary will be inspected again today after it was found several rows of rice stored there had collapsed.

In Lampun, officials hoped to resume an inspection begun on July 4 after discovering the type of rice in storage was not the same as that listed on the records. The inspection team yesterday was not able to unlock the granary door, as a surveyor did not show up. According to the data, 3,854 tonnes of rice were delivered to the granary during June 13 and again on October 31, 2013.

Inspection of a granary in Uthai Thani, which belongs to Suwan Thanyakij Agriculture Mill, did not uncover anything unusual. It found 290,000 sacks of mainly 5 per cent broken white rice.

However, "after inspecting rice for three days, they found broken stock of an unusual colour which could not be explained", said an official.

At Surin, rice inspectors have been divided into four teams to check 101 granaries containing 8.3 million sacks. On this third day they had not found anything unusual about these stocks.

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Re: Rice check woes spread to 12 provinces
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Inspections of rice stocks have turned up problems with the storage of pledged rice in 12 provinces, with vast amounts missing, rotten, or infested with weevils, the head of the team inspecting storage warehouses says

Military personnel find scaffolding instead of rice sacks in the middle of a warehouse in Pathum Thani’s Muang district. The disappearance of 91,000 sacks of rice under the pledging scheme was confirmed during a re-inspection yesterday. PONGPAT WONGYALA

ML Panadda Diskul, acting permanent secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office, yesterday said a check on one rice storage warehouse found that more than 80% of Grade 2 Hom Mali rice grain had gone missing.

At other warehouses, piles of rice sacks were in a disorganised state, with rotten and adulterated grain, weevils in the sacks, some rice rotten, some turned to powder, and some of the grain water damaged, ML Panadda said.

He said the findings will be reported to the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO). The 12 provinces include Suphan Buri, Surin, Amnat Charoen, Kamphaeng Phet, Nakhon Ratchasima and Ubon Ratchathani.

According to criteria set by the inspection team, a police complaint can be made only when more than 5% of rice is missing from stocks, ML Panadda said, adding that a check at one warehouse found about 7% of the rice was unaccounted for.

He said officials from the Public Warehouse Organisation will be responsible for filing complaints asking police to investigate irregularities relating to rice stocks.

ML Panadda said some warehouse owners did not cooperate with the inspection teams, claiming they were "not ready" to open the warehouses, although the inspection teams will find "appropriate measures" to deal with them.

He said that at this stage he could not tell which province had the largest amounts of rice missing.

ML Panadda said that rice stock checks  entered their third day yesterday and inspections will continue over the next several weeks before the final findings can be revealed.

He said any state officials found guilty of being involved in the disappearance of rice stocks will face punishment and the inspection teams will also report this to the NCPO.

Former Democrat MP Warong Dechgitvigrom, who blew the whistle on massive losses and corruption in the rice-pledging scheme, wrote on his Facebook page that the inspections over the past few days showed the previous Yingluck Shinawatra government had failed to stem the losses.

Phongchai Kasemthaweesak, head of the rice inspection team which examined rice in Buri Ram's Phutthaisong district, said a check of more than 20,000 sacks of Hom Mali rice had not yet found anything suspicious, although about 1% of it had turned yellow.

Meanwhile, two senior commerce officials were transferred to inactive posts at the Commerce Ministry in what is being seen as a first step to address the rice-pledging fiasco, a ministry source said.

Surasak Riangkrul, director-general of the Foreign Trade Department, has been made an inspector-general and is succeeded by Duangporn Rodphaya, a commercial adviser. Somchart Sroythong, director-general of the Internal Trade Department, has been made a commercial adviser and is replaced by Jintana Chaiyawonnagal, deputy director-general of the Trade Negotiations department.

The shift of Mr Surasak and Mr Somchart comes shortly after the coup-makers appointed Chutima Bunyapraphasara as the new permanent secretary to replace Srirat Rastapana.

The transfers come as no surprise as the duo lack backgrounds in the rice trade.

They do not have rice trade experience while the Foreign Trade Department and the Internal Trade Department play a significant role in the disposal of the government's rice stocks, the source said. Both have been accused of serving politicians instead of the public interest.

Ms Duangporn and Ms Jintana are known to have expertise in the rice trade. Ms Duangporn served as the director of Bureau of Rice Trade Administration of Foreign Trade Department while Ms Jintana, who is currently in charge of rice stock inspections, served as director of the Bureau of Agricultural Trading Promotion.

According to the source, Ms Duangporn and Ms Jintana will be working in an acting capacity until an interim government is formed. The appointments of director-generals must be endorsed by cabinet.  Bangkokpost

Bird and rat droppings as well as bird feathers are found scattered on piles of rice sacks in a rice warehouse in Ayutthaya’s Phachi district during authorities’ inspection yesterday. SUNTHORN PONGPAO
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Re: More rice missing in Burirum Province
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BURIRUM, 11 July 2014, (NNT) - Rice inspecting officials in Burirum Province have found that more than 7,000 sacks of rice have gone missing and up to 1,000 tons of rice in the stockpile have deteriorated. They also discovered a large quantity of unregistered stock mixing in a warehouse in the area.

Officials have reportedly examined 5 out of 7 warehouses in Burirum Province. So far they have discovered that about 10,000 sacks, or 1,000 ton, of rice, in a warehouse in Nangrong District are too old to export. They have also uncovered stockpiled rice of unidentified origin.

Furthermore, 720 tons of rice have been found missing from Prateep Cement Block Warehouse in Prakhon Chai District. Officials also found a large amount of rice in unmarked sacks. Meanwhile, no irregularities have been found in Pattanapanitch, Preechapanitch, and Srichareon warehouses.

Inspection officers will later submit a report to the Region 2 Military and the Prime Minister’s Office in order for them to proceed with appropriate measures. They are also asking those in authority to take legal action against those involved in the missing rice.

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Re: 'Unusual rice' found at 15 per cent of warehouses
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'Unusual rice' found

The junta says it is committed to inspecting the quality and quantity of rice stored at government granaries nationwide, as well as bringing charges against any people found involved in fraud or non-transparent activity.

Soldiers have checked nearly 47 per cent of the 1,787 warehouses stocking pledged rice nationwide, since they were ordered to do this early this month.

"Of that, 126 granaries [15 per cent] were found to have unusual rice, and the type of rice in storage was not the same as that listed on the records," National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha said last night.

As for releasing rice from the state stockpile, he said the NCPO had agreed to a plan proposed by a committee - to release 18 tonnes of rice over the next three years.

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Two rice thieves arrested

 Police have arrested two warehouse owners after finding them guilty of stealing  almost 100,000 sacks of rice, worth 98 million baht, from their own warehouses which they rented to the state to store the rice bought from farmers under the rice-pledging scheme.

The arrest came after authorities discovered foul play by the warehouse owners when they erected scaffolds under piles of rice sacks a few weeks ago in Pathum Thani province.

Warehouse operators, Teerasak Seangwarangul, also known as Sia Ouan and his cousin Kittipong Seangwarangul were arrested today at a hotel in Bangkok’s out skirt areas.

 The two were reportedly rented their  warehouses in Pathum Thani province to the  Marketing Organization for Farmers to store rice bought from farmers under the rice pledging scheme.

 But the two  later clandestinely stole about 98,000 sacks of rice, worth up to 98 million baht from the warehouses.

The suspects reportedly built scaffolds and place rice sacks on top to deceive rice stock inspection team.

 A thorough inspection found that there was no rice under the scaffolds.

 Royal Thai Police deputy commissioner Gen Ake Angsananont said police would find out more conspirators to the theft as they believed more were involved in the theft.
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