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The story of Raju ♦ video
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'Weeping jumbo' movie planned 
NEW DELHI: The story of Raju, the Indian elephant who wept when he was freed after 50 years in chains, is to be made into a Hollywood film, says the wildlife group that rescued him.

Raju was emaciated, dehydrated and had hundred of wounds over his body when he was rescued from an abusive owner by activists from Wildlife SOS India on July 4 in the town of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh state. The animal's reaction led to him being called the "weeping jumbo".

"He was near death as he was bound in spiked chains and forced to beg on the streets by his owner," Geeta Seshamani, a co-founder of Wildlife SOS India, said on Saturday.

"The chains around his legs had spikes which were cutting into his flesh - and each time he moved pus would ooze out of wounds. Pain and brutality were all he knew."

The owner had plucked all the hairs from Raju's tail to sell as good-luck charms, and had starved him so was reduced to eating litter, paper and plastic.

"When our activists accompanied by forest officials and policemen released him from his chains, tears rolled down from his eyes," said Seshamani.

Hollywood producers Larry Brezner and Vijay Amritraj have acquired the film rights to Raju's story, a spokeswoman for the wildlife group said.

The film is to be produced by Amritraj's son Prakash and is expected to be released in 2015, The Times of India newspaper reported.

Raju is now being nursed back to health at Wildlife SOS India's care and conservation centre.

Raju's owner has, however, filed a petition in court demanding the elephant be returned to him.

"We are disheartened to learn that we have to fight once again for Raju's freedom," said Kartick Satyanarayan, a co-founder of Wildlife SOS India.

Amritraj told the Times of India that he had found Raju's story saddening, yet incredibly inspiring.

"For all three of us (Brezner, Prakash and me) it was exciting to see that a taste of freedom can make even an animal cry," Amritraj was quoted as saying.

He said the film was sure to find an audience across the world as it would tell a moving tale of the trauma animals go through in captivity.  Bangkokpost

Raju The Elephant Who Was Chained In Spiked Shackles For 50 Years Has Found A Girlfriend.
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