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The real life zebra crossing
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The real life zebra crossing: Animal stands in front of striped road markings to avoid being caught by police

•Animal had escaped from a circus in Bitburg, Germany
•Despite the camouflage attempt, officers were not fooled and he was picked up by his keeper

A crafty zebra which had escaped from a circus tried giving police the slip when it used its stripes to blend in with markings on a road.

The animal paused completely motionless in the middle of the junction in Bitburg, Germany.

Drivers were left scratching their heads when they realised they had witnessed a real life zebra crossing.

Camouflage: The zebra had been walking around the streets of Bitburg in Germany before it stopped on the striped markings on a road

Despite the animal's camouflage attempt, officers were not fooled and the zebra was taken back to the circus by its keeper.

'Everything went smoothly in the end,' a police spokesman told German newspaper Blid.

A similar incident happened on a motorway in Atlanta in 2010.

A 12-year-old zebra called Lima broke away from trainers before wriggling through an opening and escaping from a circus.

It galloped along and across a busy motorway with police in hot pursuit.
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