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Labourer arrested for molesting dog
« on: January 24, 2015, 01:31:40 PM »
A construction worker arrested for sexually molesting a female dog in Chai Nat has admitted to abusing the pet on four previous occasions.

Pakhin , 39, a native of Nakhon Sawan, was wearing only underwear when police went to labourers' living quarters on Chainarong Road in Muang district to arrest him after being alerted at about 9pm Thursday.

Mr Pakhin confessed to sexually abusing a female dog as alleged. He told police he often became aroused while drinking alcohol.  When he found the dog running near his living quarters, he lured it to his room and sexually abused it, police recounted.

Police said he admitted he abusing the dog on four occasions before being caught.

Ae, owner of the dog, told police that he noticed his pet had behaved abnormally for several days. His dog often licked its sex organ after returning from the workers' living quarters.

Before the rape occurred, he saw the suspect call the dog to his room. The owner said he became suspicious and followed his animal to see what the man wanted to do with his pet. He was shocked when seeing the suspect sexually abusing his pet.

He called on authorities to expel the accused animal abuser from his community for fear the man might shift his target to children.

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