Author Topic: Creature That Looks "Half-Crocodile-Half-Buffalo" Born In Thai Village - video  (Read 708 times)

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Bizarre Creature That Looks "Half-Crocodile-Half-Buffalo" Born In Thai Village

Photo credit: The animal died soon after birth. YouTube/Matichon TV

It’s like something out of a Greek myth, or maybe just the result of a crazy night of passion. Residents of a remote village in Sisaket Province, Thailand, have been left in awe after a calf was born which appeared to be “half crocodile half buffalo.”

ชาวศรีสะเกษ แห่บูชา ลูกควายคล้ายจระเข้

                                                                  Credit@matichon tv

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Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.

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that is a horrible looking piece of shight that should of been buried and forgotten.
why do they think it will bring them good fortune,i read in the huffi post,Villagers are said to be visiting the
animal’s corpse in the hope it will bring them luck in a local lottery scheme.  Money! Money! Money!

Sisaket,it's probably been eaten by now.