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Bruno goes home after ten years at Soi Dog
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Phuket: Bruno goes home after ten years at Soi Dog

It's been just under a decade since Bruno, a black male mixed-breed dog, entered the Soi Dog Foundation's doors. The tsunami had devastated the island just weeks before and Bruno was part of a large wave of dogs that suddenly found themselves homeless.

The world has changed since Bruno was first brought to the shelter: James Blunt's “You're Beautiful” topped the charts, Miley Cyrus was set to become Hannah Montana, and the iPhone was still two years away.

Throughout that time, Bruno remained at Soi Dog and saw hundreds of dogs – and volunteers – come and go.

Now it's his turn.

This month, Bruno is headed to the United Kingdom after finally having been adopted by Lyn Sawkins, a Brit who says it was love at first sight.

“I fell in love with him when Soi Dog posted pictures of dogs needing forever homes. I saw that he was an old boy and had been at Soi for a long time. It was as if his eyes were calling to me... he chose me!”

The affable pooch is just over 12 years old and gets along with other dogs easily, rarely showing hints of jealousy. If he wants attention, Bruno puts out his paw and charms whoever his near. This is one of the reason why Darren Benbrook, a Soi Dog volunteer, considers Bruno just one of the guys.

“For Bruno to go after nine and a half years, it's like a double edged sword: you get to know the guy, want the best for this guy, he gets his home and it's kind of sad to see him go but so happy too because he deserves it,” Benbrook said.

“It does bring a tear to your eye but we will get to see him on Facebook and how well he's getting on in England,” he added.

Though Bruno was adopted five month ago, it has taken time for the paperwork and flight arrangements to take place. Despite this, Sawkins remains excited for the arrival of her new dog especially since he will have many new friends.

“I already have five dogs of mixed breed. I have also just adopted a dog from Romania..he arrived a week ago and is settling in well. So Bruno will have lots of company if he wants it,” she said, “I love him dearly and can't wait to give him love and warmth and comfort for the rest of his days.”

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